Post Production

Hey everyone!

Apologies for staying silent for so long. We have been grinding away on our film and it appears that we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Since we shot The Torturer at the end of May 2019 we have been pulled from multiple angles to work on a variety of projects. During post production of the film we took on four solid side quests. The first being a music video for the song Night Time Fuel written by the band Empire Cats! It was a fun three day shoot that features a sexy 1960's Chevelle SS.

Second we shot eight Clive Barker themed product commercials for The Pyramid Gallery & ! We are still trying to wrap those up in their area of post production. So as of right now there isn't much to show other than some BTS stills by one, William Gwin.

Four of these were directed by Catalina Querida

Four were from myself.

And for the record, we had all hands on deck for this crazy day. Expect to see these by May 1st.

Then we kicked off our year with a feature film that we shot down in Austin & San Antonio titled, Evil For Dinner. We worked on this project as the crew for Director Travis Youngquist. We were lucky to work with founder of Fangoia Magazine, Kerry O' Quinn & President of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman!

We shot for two crazy weeks. We have passed the film off to the director and his editor. So we will see how this project wraps up after their post production.

Then finally we shot and are wrapping up editing on the music video for the band Secret Of Boris. The track is called 'Don't Mention Love'. It's a pretty catchy jam and we hope to show it to everyone sooner rather than later.

But as for The Torturer and what this website is really about; currently we are in the midst of getting our audio tightened up and then off for color grading! We look to start submitting to film festivals nearing the end of March 2020. We have been fortunate to have such a rich 2019 and it has bled over into our 2020. We spent the past year working with the same crew over and over again. And I personally feel that we have grown exponentially as a team.

Things haven't been the same for us since last February. The events that took motion then, helped kick our momentum for The Torturer in to over drive and it has brought us to this. We hope to entertain you more than what was expected in 2020 and beyond.

Lots of love


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