Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Hey guys! We have been running a post production IndieGoGo. There are about 19 days left in the campaign and we have just broken the 25% line!!! In order to make this film as nice as cinematically possible we need to make our goal of $4,000. This will allow us to record in folly, adr, ambiant sound and score in a professional recording studio. This will also help with pick up shots if any are needed, the hardware needed to edit this beast of a project and a few other things. We shot the film in 6k on a RED Warrior Dragon. So not just any plane editing suit will do. This stuff can make a mother board melt.

I directed this short film and lead a cast and crew of about 50 people on this project. Not all are here in the DFW Metroplex or America for that matter. We have some awesome rewards to give our for your donations and when the film is release in its tangible form we will most likely do a little extra for everyone who has helped us out.

If the film is something that isn't your cup of tea please share our work and campaign with someone who does love horror films, psychological thrillers, avant garde or anything of the sort. I like to think of this film as my JACOBS LADDER. This is will truly be the nicest, most serious film that the Little Spark Films team has ever produced. You can catch the world premiere of our trailer on September 13th at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas. Hosted and curated by Fangoria Magazine and it will be benefiting Foundation 45.

If you are not aware of Foundation 45 they support an amazing cause. You should look them up. Especially if you have a loved one who suffers from depression or is even worse, suicidal. Our film deals with depression and the post traumatic stress that goes with a horrific life changing experience.

So in closing, our film has been shot and we are working round the clock to make this more of a reality for us. The level of support has truly surprised us and the momentum we have built has brought us to greater heights than I thought we could be at in only 6 years of doing this. We just need that little extra push. $1, $5, $50. Anything helps.

Thank you very much for reading this far.

-Joe Manco

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