Hey Everyone!

A lot has been going on with The Torturer these past few weeks. We have already launched our campaign for the Indie GoGo. A few interviews have happened which have been uploaded to the main page of this website. And we have had our first official meeting with a special effects makeup artist. A lot of brilliance is happening at the moment and our momentum is building fast. Check out this write up we got from . These guys are such great folks and it is amazing to have so much support behind us on this project.

I also got a chance to sit down and do a video interview with The Chatterer himself! Nicholas Vince of the films Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II and Nightbreed. The little kid in me was ecstatic and it was great to talk with him about some of the horror that molds me and how enthused we are to be making The Torturer.

Please watch the two videos on our main page. And please, please, PLEASE donate to our campaign to help make this film. And if you can't donate please share. For every ten sets of eyes on this campaign two of those people may be very interested in donating.

Thanks for reading and following our film!



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