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Updated: Jul 2, 2018

The Torturer is a short story written by best selling international author Paul Kane Shadow Writer. It is featured in his collection of shorts titled, Nail Biters. He has also been dubbed by Clive Barker himself as being the foremost Hellraiser expert! Paul has written the coffee table book HELLRAISER: Films and Their Legacy along with Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell & the new audio drama The Hellbound Heart .

Little Spark Films has optioned the script from Mr. Paul Kane and has already signed on actor Paul T Taylor (Pinhead of Hellraiser: Judgment ) to play the lead role of Andy Brooks. We have everything in the film mapped out from the shooting script to various expenses. We just need your help to get this shot.

We have been working in the Hellraiser universe for a few years now with The Pyramid Gallery and Making promotional commercials and spots for their replica configuration boxes. We have produced videos for The Lament Configuration , The Innocence Puzzle and the Servants Configuration . Around the corner we will be working on the Midian Configuration . We were also fortunate enough to shoot a round table interview at Texas Frightmare Weekend with Simon Bamford, Barbie Wilde, Nicolas Vince and Paul T. Taylor of the Hellraiser films and hosted by José Armando Leitão and Ryan Danhauser of the Clive Barker Pod Cast .

We find the coincidence amusing that these things keep falling in place for us with Hellraiser and we are asking for you all to help the wave keep flowing. We have an amazing author and an amazing actor who have the faith in us to make this film happen. Please send us your donations and we will deliver something brutal for the Clive Barkerverse fans.

Sincerely --Joe Manco and the LSF Team

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