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What the hell is a preview screening?

Well... It's a version of the film that is 99.9% finished! least I think.

This movie was both a blessing

and a realization to us over at Little Spark Films.

It's our highest quality picture to date. But what we plan on showing you is not the full 6k render. The Torturer is our jump into full cinematic territory. And honestly, we wouldn't be here if Lloyd Kaufman didn't decide to hang out with us for a few hours to play filmmakers and shoot some scenes for our fake trailer Murderballs.

From there we met new friend and family of the spooky realm, Jörg Viktor Steins-Lauß. We have since shot a few other projects together. But not one as such a beast as The Torturer. The version that will be available in full length on YouTube this Saturday will be a 1080 render (and it will still be pretty damn sharp) and a few things will be slightly amiss. But we have a super clean cut of the movie along with audio mix and color grading that we feel will draw you in with frightful transfix.

The movie will be available only from 9pm to midnight CT. After that it will no longer watchable via YouTube. And the reason we want to show you this movie early is because... well... lets face it. This quarantine sucks, guys. And as far as waiting for a movie theater to open up, it seems like that opportunity is far away. This is for you and everyone on crew who worked hard. People who have donated and have kept the faith in LSF for so long. You all have been asking us and to be honest, we can't wait any longer. So save the date and click on the flyer to link on over to the event page on Facebook.

Till then, enjoy the tailer!

--Joe Manco

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